Technology Services
The scope is wide here. How can we help maximize efficiencies and protect your organization?

How does it all work ?

What types of Technology services do we offer?

REMIO Group provides IT services for small to medium sized businesses in the Eastern Iowa Corridor as well as Nationwide. We look at your tech stack from top to bottom and conduct an in depth analysis. Our value to every client is identifying your core needs and never push you to purchase products that are low quality and not needed. 

  • Network SetupYour network is the core foundational systems that run your organization. They must be secure, resilient, redundant and most importantly regularly maintained to achieve optimal success and avoid system outages.

  • Software & Services – The software that you’re running is an important part of our analysis. Are you configured properly? Are there systems needing to be put in place to help operational efficiencies? Are you set up for growth?  

  • Business Security – Every aspect of your business must be secure. One bad compromise can take your whole business down. We will ensure all maintenance and security patches are up to date. Don’t allow a data breach or NPI being exposed due to lack of business security in place. 

  • Support – Customer service is top of mind when working with any client. We are your reliable source for technology support. Call us for virus and spyware needs, hosted email solutions, telecommunication services (internet and phone), and more!  

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Whether you’re seeking a strategic alliance with the right partner or a special skillset or tool, together we’ll create and refine your plan for success.

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